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Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.
Enthusiastic, courageous, passionate and impulsive



March 21- April 19

Aries is ruled by Mars, and its symbol is the Ram.  Aries is a Fire sign, impulsive and energetic.

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, and thus, it represents new beginnings.  Arian’s are typically  full of creative energy, enthusiasm, and a great inner drive to prove themselves.  They express themselves through action and are constantly seeking experiences that give them the opportunity to prove they are the best.

There is little timidity in people under this sign – like the Ram, Arians are confident doers who often forge ahead confidently, regardless of the consequences.  This impulsiveness can sometimes lead to problems when they leap before they look.  They are not afraid to take risks or to gamble to have their way.  If they can temper their impulsive drives, Arians can accomplish much and be successful leaders.  They constantly seek to be the best at whatever they do and would rather have fame and fortune than material wealth.

Arians crave independence and often seek positions of authority.  Optimism runs through their veins and it is hard to discourage them from tasks they have begun (However, they are notorious for not finishing what they start). Their high-spirits are very contagious and are never daunted by fear of failure.

As friends Arians are high-spirited and generous, though sometimes they must control their competitive impulses and how they affect those around them.  They must learn to temper their aggressiveness and use reason and diplomacy when dealing with others.



July 23-August 22

Leo is ruled by the Sun, and its symbol is the Lion.  Leo is a Fire sign, creative and grandiose.

Just like the Sun is the center of our planetary system, Leos see themselves as the center of all life.  There is no sign in the Zodiac more proud or regal.  Like their symbol the Lion, Leos rule majestically over their respective kingdoms, be they an entire nation, an office, or  simply a household.

Leos are warm and generous by nature and believe in giving themselves wholeheartedly to the right causes.  In return, however, they expect the same loyalty and integrity they exhibit from others.  The role they assume is that of nobility and therefore tend to do things in a grand and flamboyant manner.  Leos feel most in their element when they are the object of everyone’s attention and will seek the spotlight whenever they can.  They have a talent for appearing regal and stately before others and spend a great deal of energy influencing how others perceive them.

Leos are practical, enthusiastic, hard working, and remarkably self-confident.  They tend to gravitate towards positions of authority and their strong sense of integrity and optimism make them excellent leaders.  They are at their best in positions of power and responsibility.  However, like the Lion, they can become lazy and indolent if their desire for authority is not fulfilled.

Leos like the good life and will spare no expense to surround themselves with the finest luxuries and most lavish possessions.  Nothing is too good for them, from the restaurants they frequent to the way they dress. They have a dislike for the ordinary and the routine, and are constantly seeking new excitement.

If Leos have an Achilles heel it is in their insatiable thirst for admiration.  Their egos demand constant flattery and praise.  If they not receive their share, they become withdrawn and sulky, but are too proud to ask for complements.  However, their natural optimism and sunny disposition brings them back around, and before long, they are back to their original pomp and flamboyance.



November 22 – December 21

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, and its symbol is the Archer.  Sagittarius is a Fire sign, straight-forward and free.

Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck, Sagittarians always seem to be in the right place at the right time.  Like the arrow that always finds its target,  Sagittarians always find themselves in the best of fortunes.  They are naturally enthusiastic, restless, and too optimistic to let anything rain on their parade.

Sagittarians have a longing for the new and exciting and have an inner desire to always roam free and unrestrained.  They prize freedom and liberty above anything else, and they are often energentic and outgoing.  Their inquisitive nature leads them on never-ending adventures that involve travel, discovery, or unconventional diversions.  This comes at a cost, however, as many Saggitarians drift towards relationships that are never allowed to develop deep roots.  This is not to say that they cannot be excellent friends, though „no strings attached“ is usually the rule.

Sagittarians are very idealistic and straight-forward. They will let you know what is on their mind whether you like it or not.  They posses an uncanny sense of intuition though they bore easily once they have figured something out. They are gifted story tellers, and their charms and sense of humor are amongst the most liked in the zodiac.  Their honesty and candor are admired traits, but many Sagittarians easily assume that everyone else shares in their integrity.

Though Sagittarians live for tomorrow, they can be the best of companions.  Despite their occasional irresponsibility, it is often hard to resist the charms of a Sagittarian.

Introduction to Astrology


Astrology can be considered the world’s oldest celestial science. Since the earliest times, watching the sky has been a part of man’s life. The seasonal changes were marked by the longest and shortest days (the solstices), and by the times when night and day were the same length (equinoxes), this became a simple calendar for hunting and planting. Besides these practical routine cycles, the position or state of the sun or moon was noted at the time of significant events. It was soon realized that certain phenomena in the skies coincided with certain events on earth. Eventually, these parallels were considered omens, and each tribe embellished them with their own myths to suit their view of the world. Gradually, the heavens became replete with fables which told about gods, demons, and heroes that formed a complex hierarchy of celestial beings who watched, judged, and manipulated the lives of men.

As civilizations evolved and the body of knowledge grew, the earliest astrologers kept meticulous calendars and more complete records of celestial movements. The most convenient way to study the stars was by connecting their groupings into recognizable patterns we now call the constellations. The sky was thus divided into twelve segments each one represented by its own constellation. It was also noted that the visible planets often appeared to wander through they sky against this backdrop of constellations. These planets eventually acquired personalities and mythologies of their own, and astrologers soon began to affix significance to the position of these planets against certain constellations in the sky. The night sky was a grand soap-opera, where gods and goddesses played out their dramas, and the consequences were manifested on earth through droughts, floods, and a host of natural occurrences.

Through the centuries, Astrology has dealt with the charting and interpretation of the cycles and movements of celestial objects. Through the use of computers, calculations that once took months for mathematicians to perform by hand can now be done in seconds, and the positions of planets can be computed to a hundredth of a degree. The interpretation part is another matter, relying vastly on centuries of richly embroidered legend and mythology.

Astrology deals with ten planets. Eight of these are the sister planets of the earth: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. The other two are the Sun and the Moon, neither of which is a planet. (A planet circles the Sun.) However, as seen from the earth, the Sun and Moon follow the same path as the planets. Astrologers, interested in the relationships between the positions of all ten objects, simply call them the Ten Planets, and that’s what we will call them.

The path followed by the ten planets is called the ecliptic. You can visualize the ecliptic by imagining yourself looking out from a glass-enclosed observation tower located at the center of a giant circular racetrack. The tower represents the earth. The racetrack represents the ecliptic.

As you look out from your tower, you see all ten planets moving around the track in the same direction, from the right to your left. Since the planets move at different speeds, they are all spread out around the track. Faster planets circle the track several times a year, overtaking and passing slower moving planets that take centuries to make one lap.

Astrologers are interested in where each planet can be found on the track, and where they are with respect to each other. They use the signs of the zodiac to describe planet positions, and Aspects to describe the relations between them.

The Planets


Planets represent different cosmic forces that affect your basic character traits and your changing urges and needs. They provide the energies that drive your physical, emotional, mental, and intuitional systems. These planetary energies are modified by the planet’s position in the zodiac, and by its relationships (aspects) to the other planets.

Planets fall into three groups according to how long it takes them to make one trip around the track. The first group of planets takes less than two years to make a full cycle. These include the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Since we experience the influence of these planetary cycles so often, we soon learn to recognize and control our reactions to them. These are the Personal Planets. The key characterizations from them are as follows:

Sun Identity, Purpose (Individuality)
Moon Feeling, responsiveness (Personality)
Mercury Intellect, Communication (Mentality)
Venus Attraction, Harmony (Affection)
Mars Energy, Assertion (Initiative)

The second group of planets includes planets Jupiter and Saturn. Their effects are felt more as long-term inner urges rather than immediate conscious needs. These urges determine how you view the world.

Jupiter Enthusiasm, Adventurousness (Expansive)
Saturn Caution, Restraint (Conservative)

The third group of planets moves so slowly that its energies influence entire generations in essentially the same, setting the culture tones for long periods of time. Uranus makes a full cycle in about 84 years, a full lifetime, while Neptune and Pluto take about two centuries (164 and 247 years respectively). The characteristics of these Transpersonal planets are as follows:

Uranus Independent, Intuitional (Originality)
Neptune Inspirational, Mystical (Sensitivity)
Pluto Regeneration, Obsession (Control)

The influences of these transpersonal planets will vary between Individuals, depending on how they relate to the other planets of the horoscope, and how they fall into a person’s natal houses.

The Sun:
The Sun’s position in the zodiac is your familiar Sun sign. The Sun sign shows how you express your creative urges through conscious acts of will. The Sun rules the sign Leo

The Moon:
The Moon’s position in the zodiac shows your unconscious emotional reactions to situations based on your early childhood experiences and family training. The Moon rules the sign Cancer.

The Planet Mercury:
The planet Mercury’s position in the zodiac shows how you think things out and then communicate your ideas and decisions to others. It also reveals how you make decisions and what you consider before making a decision. The planet Mercury rules the sign Gemini.

The Planet Venus:
The planet Venus’s position in the zodiac shows how you give of yourself and how you express your feelings for others. It also reveals how you attract the good things of life, both the material and the spiritual. The planet Venus rules the sign Libra.

The Planet Mars:
The planet Mars’s position in the zodiac shows how you use your physical energies in expressing your needs. It affects your sex drive, ambitions, endurance, and aggressiveness. The Planet Mars rules the sign Aries.

The Planet Jupiter:
The planet Jupiter’s position in the zodiac shows how you express your need to grow. It shows your interests in the higher values of life and how you share those interests with others. The planet Jupiter rules the sign Sagittarius.

The Planet Saturn:
The planet Saturn’s position in the zodiac shows how you try to establish and protect your position in life. It also shows how you face responsibility and seek recognition for your efforts. The planet Saturn rules the sign Capricorn.

The Planet Uranus:
The planet Uranus’s position in the zodiac shows something about the motivation, goals, and originality of those born in each seven year period during which Uranus is in each of the signs. The planet Uranus rules the sign Aquarius.

The Planet Neptune:
The planet Neptune’s position in the zodiac influences the collective outlook of all those born within the same thirteen year period during which Neptune remains in one sign, showing the mystical and inspirational influences felt by each generation. The planet Neptune rules the sign Pisces.

The Planet Pluto:
The planet Pluto’s position in the zodiac influences the entire generation of people born within the same twelve to twenty-two year period during which Pluto remains in one sign, showing human need for regeneration and control in each generation. The planet Pluto rules the sign Scorpio.

Signs, the Ancient History


The Significance of The Signs:

The planets represent the energies that drive your physical, emotional mental and intuitional systems. These energies manifest themselves differently depending on the positions of the planets in the signs of the zodiac. Different signs channel the energies into different behavior patterns, which are then recognized as personality traits. The traits associated with each sign are as follows:
Aries: Outgoing Taurus: Conservative
Gemini: Versatile Cancer: Emotional
Leo: Authoritative Virgo: Exacting
Libra: Helpful Scorpio: Determined
Sagittarius: Optimistic Capricorn: Cautious
Aquarius: Independent Pisces: Impressionable

When the ancients noticed the planets moving along the ecliptic path, they also noticed the background of fixed stars behind that path. It would be as though you noticed a background of billboards around a racetrack. You could tell the positions of the horses around the track just by identifying the billboards behind each horse. The ancients used the background of fixed stars the same way. They divided their racetrack (the ecliptic) into 12 equal sectors. Each sector was named after the fixed-star group seen in that sector (for example, Aries „the ram“). The ancients referred to these sectors as the „little zoo“, which in Greek is „zodiac“.

Every sign falls into a group of signs, either fire, earth, water, and air; depending on their orientation in the zodiac. These ancient astrologers had associated each Element with their temperaments, and each group of elements are at 120 degree angles to each other.

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.
Enthusiastic, courageous, passionate and impulsive.

Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.
Practical, materialistic, conservative, and inhibited.

Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.
Intellectual, adaptive, impractical, and superficial.

Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.
Emotional, sensitive, placid, and susceptible.

These four groups of signs: fire, earth, air, and water, combine to form two major groups that represent two fundamental approaches to life; active and passive. The fire and air signs make up the active or masculine signs, while the earth and water signs make up the passive or feminine signs. It is unfortunate that the ancient astrologers called the active signs masculine and the passive signs feminine.

Another group of traits occurs among signs that are 90 degrees apart from each other. There are four signs in each group of Qualities, which are cardinal, fixed, or mutable. They suggest the basic kinds of activity a person will be engaged in–getting things started, keeping them going, or steering them in different directions.

Cardinal Signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn.
Initiating, enterprising, ambitious, domineering.

Fixed Signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius.
Determined, conventional, organizing, dogmatic.

Mutable Signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius.
Adaptable, imaginative, tutorial, critical.

Your Rising Sign (Ascendant)

wheel1_colorYour Rising sign is the sign of the zodiac that was just coming up over the eastern horizon at the moment that you were born. If you were born at sunrise, your Rising sign would be the same as your sun sign. That’s because the Sun sign tells you what part of the zodiac the Sun was in at that time. Since that was the part of the zodiac rising over the horizon at sunrise, it is also your Rising sign. If you were born a few hours earlier, or a few hours later a different part of the zodiac would be rising or ascending, over the eastern horizon. Another name for your Rising sign is your „Ascendant“.

Your Rising sign is important for two reasons. First like your Sun sign, it serves to establish a basic pattern in your life. Where the Sun establishes your character, or who you really are, your Rising sign determines your personality, or what you show the world as you deal with it.

Second, it establishes the position of your houses in the zodiac. That’s because your Rising sign marks the beginning of your first house. Here are descriptions of the personalities that go with each rising sign:

Aries: Outspoken Taurus: Timid
Gemini: Talkative Cancer: Sympathetic
Leo: Dignified Virgo: Shy
Libra: Charming Scorpio: Intense
Sagittarius: Expansive Capricorn: Serious
Aquarius: Considerate Pisces: Idealistic

Houses and Astrology


The twelve signs of the zodiac show the positions along the ecliptic where the planets can be found on any date. These planetary positions don’t change very much during a single day. However, the earth’s rotation brings a new rising sign into play about every two hours. Remember the zodiac is fixed in space, it just seems to move across the sky because of the earth’s rotation each day.

The houses represent the different departments of life in which your planetary energies find their expressions. For example, your character and personality, which are set up by your planets in the different signs, will be directed either into personal or public matters, depending on whether they fall into the houses of the Northern Hemisphere, or Southern Hemisphere, respectively. Again you will be self-sufficient if they fall into the eastern houses or dependent on others if they fall into the western houses.

Each house represents a cluster of interests and activities just as each sign represents a cluster of traits and approaches for dealing with those activities. The spheres of interest of each house are as follows:

First Self, appearance.
Second Earnings, possessions.
Third Communications, relatives.
Fourth Home, parents.
Fifth Pleasures, children.
Sixth Health, service.
Seventh Spouse, partnerships.
Eighth Death, regeneration.
Ninth Philosophy, travel.
Tenth Career, status.
Eleventh Friends, aspirations.
Twelfth Secrets, limitations.

The distribution of your houses into different groupings of hemispheres and groupings of elements and positions determine the over-all focus of your activities. If most of your planets fall into one of the hemispheres the significance is as follows:

Northern A focus on private matters.
Southern A focus on private activities.
Eastern Activities are self-started.
Western Dependence on others’ energies.

Another useful grouping of houses corresponds with the grouping of houses into the four elements. The houses can be grouped into fire, earth, water and air houses. The significance is as follows:

Individual <Fire Houses> Life Identity First, Fifth, Ninth
Activities focus on achieving life’s aspirations.

Temporal <Earth Houses> Material Wealth Second, Sixth, Tenth
Activities focus on meeting material needs.

Relative <Air Houses> Relationships Third, Seventh, Eleventh
Activities focus on social contact and mind-sharing.

Terminal <Water Houses> Emotional Fourth, Eighth, Twelfth

Activities focus on achieving emotional tranquillity.

Still another important grouping corresponds with the qualities of the signs, corresponding to the <Cardinal>, <Fixed>, or <Mutable> signs of the zodiac. The significance of a cluster of planets in a group of these houses is as follows:

Angular <Cardinal Houses> Starting First, Fourth, Seventh, Tenth
Activities are self-starting for immediate effects.

Succedent <Fixed Houses> Controlling Second, Fifth, Eighth, Eleventh
Activities are aimed at managing and controlling things.

Cadent <Mutable Houses> Changing Third, Sixth, Ninth, Twelfth
Skills are acquired to improve relationships.

The intensity of a planet’s influence on a house depends on the sign of the zodiac that happens to fall on that house in your zodiac. If Cardinal Signs are found in Angular (Cardinal) Houses, they strengthen the planetary energies flowing into the activities of the houses.

Daily Transits and Astrology

Diagram of planets in solar system - 3d render

Diagram of planets in solar system – 3d render

A Transit Chart is a Day-To-Day Chart. This type of chart compares where the planets were when you were born to where they are on a given day and how that affects your life.

As the planets slowly move along the zodiac each day, they pass through the different houses of your natal horoscope and make different aspects with the positions of your natal planets. These transiting planets energize the latent potentials promised by your natal horoscope, and trigger the behavior and events which then become a part of your daily experience.

The effect of a transiting planet depends on where it is, with respect to the planets and houses of your natal horoscope. The day-to-day changes in your life depend on the transits of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Their transits throughout the aspects are measured in days and weeks. The outer planets–Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto–are important for the long term effects on your life, measured in years and decades. The duration of a transit effect also depends on whether the transiting planet is in retrograde motion on your date of interest. Retrograde planets may remain in retrograde from twenty-one days to five months (for Mercury and Pluto respectively).

The effect of a planet’s transit throughout a natal house are felt over the duration of its stay in that house. However, the duration of the effect of a transiting aspect may be somewhat shorter that the duration of the planet’s stay in each sky position (1/3 sign). For example the effect of a transiting sun is most strongly felt over a three-day period within its ten day stay in one sky position. The effect will be felt to a lesser extent on the other days of that sky position. It all depends on how closely the aspect falls within its orb during the time it is in each sky position.

Transits of the Sun:
The Sun is the source of all energies. These energies stimulate the activities of the houses occupied by the transiting Sun and reinforce or weaken the planetary effects, depending on the Sun’s aspect to the natal planet. When the Sun transits an inner planet, it may trigger a dormant aspect between that inner planet and a slower moving outer planet. If a planet is being transited by another planet when it is being transited by the Sun, the effect of the transit is strengthened.

Transits of the Moon:
The Moon spends only about two and a half days in a natal house. This means that its effects occur so quickly that you feel them more as unconscious urges and impulses than conscious reactions to situations.

The effects of the transiting Moon, as it makes aspects with your natal planet positions, are often felt for only a matter of hours. Regardless of whether you are consciously aware of them, you will feel the effects of the Moon.

Transits of the Planet Mercury:
Mercury spends about a week in each natal house. During that time it affects your mental outlook, communications with others, and urges to take trips. When Mercury is in retrograde motion during its transit it may introduce delays in the affairs under its influence.

Transits of the Planet Venus:
Venus spends about three weeks in each natal house. Venus is the planet of love and material pleasures, so that its transits bring different degrees of enjoyment. The effects are felt as subjective experiences rather than as urges to action.

Transiting Venus is retrograde for about one and a half months each year. During that time the affairs affected by Venus may be slowed down or delayed.

Transits of the Planet Mars:
Mars spends about two months in each natal house. Mars provides you with the energies needed to assert yourself in the pursuit of your needs and desires.

Transiting Mars is retrograde for about three months each year. During that time you may experience reversals or delays in the affairs affected by Mars at that time.

Transits of the Slower Planets:
Earlier you saw that the day-to-day changes in your life are affected by the fast-moving personal planets: the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Mars. You just saw how these personal planets affect your life as they transit through the houses and make aspects with your natal planet positions each day.

The slower outer planets–Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto–also produce important effects as they transit through your houses. These effects are felt over years and decades, hardly something to be considered in a daily horoscope. Still, these effects are important and should be understood.

Transits of the Planet Jupiter:
Transiting Jupiter opens you up to expansive feelings and triggers new opportunities to enlarge the scope of your life. It is in each house for about one year, and becomes retrograde for about four months each year.

Transits of the Planet Saturn:
Transiting Saturn brings opportunities to learn self-discipline and how to face responsibilities in the areas of life it touches in each house. The difficulties that arise during a Saturn transit offer you the best opportunities to grow wiser as you grow older. Saturn is in each house for about two and a half years, and is retrograde for about four and a half months.

Transits of the Planet Uranus:
Transiting Uranus brings major changes in your life. It breaks up the rigid past and challenges you to put the pieces together into a more viable pattern for living in the present. Uranus is in each natal house for about seven years and is retrograde for about five months of each year.

Transits of the Planet Neptune:
Transiting Neptune brings opportunities for discovery and use of your creative abilities in the areas affected by the house it occupies. Unfortunately it also blurs your ability to distinguish between reality and illusion in those same areas, perhaps because it energizes your sixth sense, or psychic abilities. Neptune is in each house for about five months of each year.

Transits of the Planet Pluto:
Transiting Pluto brings down the established order in the affairs of the house that it occupies. It then creates the conditions from which new beginnings can emerge. You will experience major transformations in the areas affected by the house occupied by transiting Pluto. Pluto spends about twenty years in each natal house, and is in retrograde motion for about five months each year.

Aspects and Astrology


The cosmic energies of the planets in the positions of the zodiac in the houses are also affected by how the planets are positioned with respect to each other at any time. Some positions produce arrangements that reinforce these energies in helpful ways, while others bring about disruptive effects. These relations between planetary positions are called Aspects. You have heard about aspects if you have heard about oppositions and squares, or conjunctions and trines. When any two planets are in the same sign of the zodiac, they are in Conjunction. If any two planets are opposite each other in the zodiac, then they are in Opposition. If any two planets are at 90 degree angles (Right Angles) to each other then they are Squared. When any two planes are at 60 degree angles to each other, then they are Sextile, and when they are 120 degrees apart they are Trine.

The effect of an aspect between two planets is strongest when the fastest planet reaches the exact angle of the aspect. However effects can be felt over several degrees (called the Orb), depending on which planet is involved and on whether it is a major or a minor aspect.

The interpretation of aspects is based impart on how the planets fall into signs with similar or conflicting elements and qualities. For example, the square aspect has planets in the same quality, but conflicting elements (e.g., fire and water) while the trine aspect the planets are in the same element, but stimulated by different qualities.

The aspects are no longer described as good or bad, but rather as harmonious or inharmonious. Harmonious aspects can help matters along. Inharmonious aspects („badly“ aspected planets) introduce stresses, many of which can actually help you if you learn to deal with them. A brief description of the meaning of the major aspects is as follows:

Major Aspects:

Conjunction (0 degrees):
Neither harmonious or inharmonious, this aspect merges and intensifies the energies of two planets. Inner tension can arise if the planets have conflicting natures.

Sextile (60 degrees, two signs apart):
Harmonious aspect that helps energies flow toward attainment of your goals, provided you make some conscious effort to achieve them yourself.

Square (90 degrees, three signs apart):
Inharmonious aspect causing tensions and obstacles for you to overcome. It forces you to choose between your conflicting inner needs and urges.

Trine (120 degrees, four signs apart):
Harmonious aspect that brings the two energies into an easy interplay. This can create such beneficial consequences that things become to easy for you and you become lazy.

Opposition (180 degrees, six signs apart):
Inharmonious aspect creating inner tensions between your planetary urges. It also creates dynamic tensions with others, which you must reconcile if you want to maintain harmonious relationships.

Minor Aspects:

Semi-Sextile (30 degrees, 1 sign apart):
A minor harmonious aspect. It is considered important to some astrologers in natal astrology. It is similar to sextile but minor, It also can mitigate other inharmonious aspects.

Semi-Square (45 degrees, 1-1/2 signs apart):
A minor inharmonious aspect. This causes friction and irritation between planets in aspects. This causes mild stress and tension.

Sesquiquadrate (135 degrees, 4-1/2 signs apart):
A little more minor than Semi-Square. This causes irritation and causes aggravation and discord.

Quincunx (150 degrees, 5 signs apart or Inconjunct):
This aspect is another minor inharmonious one. It suggests a need for adjustment.

Compatibility and Astrology


When two people meet, their chances for a compatible relationship depend on how their basic needs and personality traits will combine in the give and take of social or business interactions. These can be determined by comparing a companion’s horoscope with your own natal chart.

In doing a comparison, first notice whether your companion has a predominance of planets in one of the elements, more than four planets in one element. A predominance of planets in one element tells you something about what that person brings to the relationship, for example:

A person with a predominance of <Fire> signs brings an impulsive enthusiasm to the relationship.

A person with a predominance of <Earth> signs introduces a stabilizing influence on the relationship.

A person with a predominance of <Air> signs puts the relationship on an intellectual level.

A person with a predominance of <Water> signs will flood the relationship with deep emotional actions and reactions.

In general, people are more likely to be compatible with each other when their natal planets fall into compatible elements. The compatible elements are fire with air, earth with water. That means if you have a predominance of natal planets in the fire signs, you are more likely to have a compatible relationship with someone who has a predominance of natal planets in the air signs. If your companion’s planets are mostly in the earth signs, you can expect assorted difficulties depending on which elements are involved.

It is also important to note how many of your planets are in the Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable signs; and where your companion’s planets are. A predominance of planets in one quality (i.e., five or more planets in a cardinal, fixed, or mutable sign) tells you how someone is likely to act in a relationship. For example:

A person with a predominance of Cardinal signs is anxious to see things get started.

A person with a predominance of <Fixed> signs is more likely to be stubborn and unyielding in a relationship.

A person with a predominance of <Mutable> signs will be adaptable and willing to make most of the compromises.

Now it is important to note to see how you and your companion’s planets are distributed among the masculine and feminine signs. Most people have an even balance of five-to-five, or six-to-four, between masculine or feminine. If you and your companion each have the normal ratios of planets, you should have no trouble getting along with each other. You can work things out even when one of you has a gender ratio of seven-to-three while the other has a four-to-six ratio.

If there is a difference of one or two planets in masculine (or feminine) signs between you and your companion you should have no trouble in establishing a compatible relationship. If there is a difference of three planets, you can still work things out. However, if there are more than three planets between you and your companion, in one gender, you will both have to work very hard to maintain a relationship. The reason is that the dominantly masculine person’s aggressive behavior will threaten and harass the reserved, security-motivated feminine person.

If both people are dominated by the same gender (either masculine or feminine), they share the same viewpoint and approach to life. Initially, this can give them a strong feeling of compatibility. However, they will soon feel a need for the kind of stimulation that comes from defending mildly different points of view. They will have to turn to someone else to meet that need.

Someone with eight or more planets in a single gender may find it difficult to find a comfortable relationship.

Koliko istine ima u astrologiji i da li je ima?

Pročitam odličan post o Devicama kod Zelene i nikako ne prepoznam svog muža Ivana, u svemu onome što je napisala, pa se zapitam kakav je to njegov horoskop, kada se toliko razlikuje od tipične Device?

Znajući Device baš onakvima kako ih je Zelena opisala, nikada nisam mislila da mi muž može biti pripadnik tog horoskopskog znaka. Kad smo se upoznali i kada mi je rekao šta je u horoskopu, odmah sam znala da između nas dvoje ničega neće biti, jer i tata mi je Devica i to ona najtipičnija, možda čak i dupla, nisam sigurna. Mnogo volim Device, ali ih i odlično poznajem. 😀  Možete samo zamisliti Blizanac i Devica u zajedničkom životu. Sačuvaj Bože, na krv i nož.  Koliko sam se samo prevarila. 😀

„Blizanci – Devica: Ovo je jedna neskladna kombinacija i zbog toga se u astroloskim krugovima ne preporucuje, osim ako nije rec o nekom specificnom ili retkom slucaju. Komentari koji najcesce prate ovu kombinaciju su razlicita negodovanja, a astrolozi porucuju ono veliko „NE„. “ Izgleda da nas dvoje jesmo taj redak slučaj.

Pogledam šta je u podznaku i tu se tek zgrozim, Jarac. Izvinjavam se svim Jarčevima, mada možda samo dva poznajem. I ako mi je jedna od najboljih prijateljica Jarac, ali su  zato sve ostale Blizanci, Vage i Vodolije. Uglavnom kada čujem Jarac imam želju da se sklonim. :bandit: Znači moj dragi je Devica/Jarac, zemlja/zemlja dok sam ja Blizanci / Vaga, vazduh/vazduh i upravo je to ono što nas je spojilo i što nas kao par čini idealnom kombinacijom, bar za sada.  😆

I ako kada se pogleda slaganje naših podznaka opet bude veliko NE.

„Slaganje podznaka: Vaga – Jarac: Na zalost, ovo je jedna veoma neskladna kombinacija koja se u astroloskim krugovima ne preporucuje i to sa onim velikim „NE„. Uostalom, kod Vas do izrazaja dolaze dve razlicite prirode, a to je ono sto se jasno uocava vec prilikom prvog susreta. 

Kada se pogledaju i druge dve moguće kombinacije ja Blizanci, on u podznaku Jarac i on Devica, ja u podznaku Vaga, ne mogu da se pronađu nikakve zajedničke tačke i slaganja. Bukvalno „beži što dalje“.

Međutim za sve ono što ja „letim“ tu je on da me spusti na zemlju, kao i za sve ono što on uporno i čvrsto stoji na zemlji, tu sam ja da ga podignem malo gore.

Blizanci/Vaga (ja) je kombinacija dva vazdušna znaka, tako da je očigledno da mi nedostaje stabilnost i „korenje“. Njihova kombinacija stvara osobu otvorenu prema novim iskustvima i oba znaka poseduju srećnu prirodu ljudi koji znaju da uživaju i raduju se životu.

Dok je kombinacija Devica/Jarac (on) osoba kojoj se nije lako približiti, ali kada joj se približite i kada počnete da se družite sa njima otkrijete jednu osobu koja se jednostavno samo ne otkriva celom svetu i koju zbog toga drugi doživljavaju kao nepristupačnu, što nikako nije istina.

Uroniti u intimnost ovakvih osoba zahteva mnogo truda, što je svakako bio veliki izazov za mene, a ja volim izazove. Kažu astrolozi da je potrebna veoma srdačna priroda da bi razbila taj led. Blizanci/Vaga (ja) poseduju neverovatnu lakoću komunikacije sa drugima u sklapanju poznanstava sa najrazličitijim i najneobičnijim ljudima, što Devica/Jarac (on) svakako jeste.

Čudne neke osobe te Device „posoljene“ Jarcem, zaista se čine nepodnošljivim sve dok ih ne upoznate. To je osoba koja živi u jednom ozbiljnom svetu, gde ništa ne može lako, dok je kod mene potpuno obrnuta situacija. Važi ono, „kako ćemo, lako ćemo.“ Sve to nas je i spojilo.

Kada se pogledaju i položaji naših ostalih planeta i njihov odnos, stvarno postane jasno i kako i zašto smo zajedno. Čak i horoskopi naše dece kako su iskombinovani međusobno i sa nama, jednostavno govore da je astrologija jedna kompleksna nauka.

Glavni „ratnik“ Mars i njegov položaj u našim horoskopima jasno govori ko je gazda i svima njima je to jasno, bez da znaju da je moj Mars u Lavčini 😀 , a njihovi neki kilavi i nikakvi. Tako da, sa mnom može kako im se prohte, ali nemoj samo da me prave blesavom i da me nerviraju. Šta god bili u horoskopu, kad moj Lav u Marsu poludi, svi stoje mirno. 😀 Zato dragi ima Veneru u Lavu, pa ljubavlju o čas posla smiri ratnika u meni. 😉 Ima u tim našim horoskopima još toliko toga, ali bi se onda mnogo odužio ovaj post.

I koliko god bili protivnici astrologije, ako se samo malo zainteresujete definitivno ćete naći mnogo toga što je istina. Pojma nemam kako to funkcioniše, ali fercera stvarno.  :p

Naši znaci se ne slažu nikako, podznaci takođe, ali međusobni odnos naših planeta i aspekata jasno pokazuju da smo se rodili jedno za drugo.

S toga astrologija nikako nije:

– Šta si u horoskopu?

– Bik.

– Aha… dobro, sve mi je jasno.

Ništa nam ne može biti jasno dok ne vidimo i sve ostalo što nam astrologija omogućava da vidimo, samo ako hoćemo, 😉 jer da smo slušali astrologiju sada Ivan i ja nikako ne bismo bili zajedno. 😉 Ne slažu nam se horoskopski znaci i podznaci, ali se sve drugo savršeno slaže, pa samim tim i ta dva naša znaka su dokaz da je ipak moguće da Blizanci i Devica žive zajedno i srećno. Uglavnom mi ništa nije jasno, ali svakako funkcioniše. 😀

Ivanova natalna karta

Ivanina natalna karta

Osma osoba – mala astrološka igra

I za kraj još jedna Vodolija koja je osma po redu poslala svoje podatke. Kao što rekoh ostali će svoje horoskope dobiti na mail u toku ove nedelje. Pisaću u ženskom rodu, jer su samo devojke ostale, da se ne spetljam kao u prethodnom postu. 🙂

Ova Vodolija je Bik u podznaku, rođena 07. februara u jednom mnogo lepom gradu. Do ove igrice nisam imala prilike da sa njom razmenjujem komentare i misli, ali u svakom slučaju mi se jako svidela. Vodolije i Blizanci se inače odlično slažu. 😉

Karakteriše je njen hrabar karakter, živi ispred svog vremena. Kod nje je uvek nešto pomaknuto: bilo ponašanje, odeća, frizura, navike, bilo izbor zanimanja, stana, partnera ili bar vrsta pića koju popije s prijateljima – važno je da se razlikuje od drugih. Originalna i neočekivana, često drugima nepredvidiva, a opet zanimljiva i privlačna.

Voli izazivati, bilo verbalno upuštajući se u neobične diskusije, bilo samom svojom pojavom ili ponašanjem koje odudara od okoline. Često je neshvaćena od drugih, jer živi ispred svog vremena.

Sunce u opoziciji sa Marsom ovoj osobi donosi aroganciju, nervozu, nepoštovanje discipline, razočarenje zbog nekih grešaka. Želi da bude dominantna u braku.

Sunce u konjukciji sa Saturnom je odlika osobe koja želi da imaju mali krug prijatelja, ali odabranih po njenim kriterijumima. Ima veliku moć samosavladavanja i strpljenja. Veliki radnik.

Sunce u kvadratu sa Neptunom, fiksne ideje, nemir, bezrazložna tuga, čudne romantične želje.

Mesec u Lavu je karakterističan za veoma ponosne osobe. Ima snažnu želju da bude u centru zbivanja. Poseduje izuzetne organizatorske sposobnosti i rođeni je vođa. Omiljena je kod oba pola.

Merkur u Jarcu daje ovoj osobi sposobnosti vezane uglavnom za praktične vrednosti. Njena mentalna ličnost se odlikuje oštrinom i tačnošću kao sredstvima boljeg materijalnog uspeha. Sposobna je da se koncentriše dobro i dugo na konkretne stvari i joj obično donosi uspeh. Ekonomičn i ima čvrstinu da podnese bol, fizičku i psihičku.

Prodorna, taktična, ali ponekad i previše sumnjičava, što je ponekad sprečava da dovoljno brzo reaguje u kritičnim situacijama. Mnogi generali i vojni stratezi su imali Merkur u Jarcu i on daje dobre rukovodeće sposobnosti.

Venera u Jarcu, ove osobe svoje emocije i odnose sa drugima uzimaju veoma ozbiljno i venčanja i druge veze smatraju osnovom za svoju ličnu sigurnost.. Postoji kod nje jak osećaj za uzvišenim i dostojanstvenim nastupom u narodu. Privatno može biti veoma hladna sa voljenim osobama. Veća razlika u godinama sa partnerom. U životu doseže visoko i ima uspeha u svim poslovima sa novcem.

Venera u trouglu sa Uranom privlači ljubav, sreću i životna uzbuđenja. S obzirom da poseduje jak lični magnetizam i privlačnost, često ulazi u ljubavne romanse i ima jedinstven stav o životu.

Podznak Bik, izrazito je praktična i stoji čvrsto na zemlji. Njena izdržljivost i otpornost je nedostižna za sve ostale znakove. Koristi svoju strpljivost i upornost da stekne materijalne pozicije koje žarko želi. Vrlo često se dešava da usmerava sebe i svoj život prema onima koji joj mogu biti od koristi u ostvarivanju njenih ciljeva i zato mora biti oprezna da one druge, koji joj nisu toliko korisni ne odbacuje. Simpatična i posvećena prijateljima. Lako sarađuje sa ostalima.

Drago mi je što sam se setila ove igrice, jer možda drugačije ne bih upoznala ovu osobu, pa makar i ovako. 🙂

Natalni horoskop se radi na osnovu natalne karte, a natalna karta nije ništa drugo nego raspored planeta i zvezda, i njihov odnos jednih prema drugima u trenutku našeg rođenja. Davno sam došla u posed ovog programa uz pomoć kog sam vam sve ovo napisala, čitajući svoj horoskop, prepoznala sam se, pa me je to zainteresovalo da čeprkam dalje i da vremenom počnem neke stvari i da razumem.

Da bi vam neko do detalja pročitao natalnu kartu potrebno je veliko znanje i godine učenja, ovo je bila samo zabava, neke osnovne stvari koje se tiču svake opisane ličnosti pojedinačno i nadam se da vam se svidelo. Mislim da nikoga nisam čak ni nenamerno uvredila, a trudila sam se da pišem samo o lepim stvarima.

Možda nam sledeća igrica bude numerologija. Imam i takav program, ali mi se on čini nekako još tačniji, pa možda i nije za igru. Ne znam, videćemo. Ko zna šta će mi sledeći pasti na pamet?

Sedma osoba – mala astrološka igra

Ne znam da li je to neka osobina Blizanaca da vole druge Blizance, ali ja ih puno volim. Razumemo se, a kad se dva Blizanca sastanu svašta može da se očekuje. Jedna od mojih najboljih prijateljica je Blizanac, toliko smo se dobro razumele da često uopšte nismo morale ništa ni da govorimo, što je prosto nemoguće između dva pripadnika ovog znaka. Jedna počne priču, druga joj upadne u pola reči, nastavi, pa onda ova prva, pa brbljanju nikad kraja i sve to između pet drugih stvari i dve različite priče. Veselo u svakom slučaju.

Ovaj Blizanac je rođen 20. juna i baš ništa ne znam o njemu sem ovo što kaže horoskop. Planeta vladalac Merkur, element – vazduh. Raspoloženje nepredvidivo, varira od razdraganosti do ljutnje za svaku sitnicu, stalno u oscilacijama. Omiljena osoba koja zbog svoje društvenosti osvaja sve sa kojima stupa u kontakt. U suštini ume da bude i proračunata i lukava i vrlo racionalna, sve po potrebi.

Organizuje život onako kako mu odgovara, ne dopušta nikome da mu nameće svoju volju. U ljubavi čini kompromise, sve dok to njemu odgovara. Individualista koji sledi svoj životni put.

Stalno bi počinjao iz početka, jer zbog svoje inteligencije uvek ima mnogo planova, pa mu se čini da je novi bolji od starog.

Večito dete i po izgledu i po ponašanju, pričljiv neko koga kada prvi put sretnete, imate utisak da ga znate godinama.

Konjukcije, kvadrati, opozicije sa Suncem…Ova osoba želi biti dosetljiva, a većinu stvari nastoji uraditi samo na osnovu snažne želje. Donekle samoljubiv i egocentričan, često u sukobu sa porodicom..

Mesec u Vodoliji označava osobu koja od svega najviše voli slobodu, slobodu reči i dela. Ne okleva da kaže šta misli i oseća, posebno ako je to nešto za šta je potpuno siguran da je tačno. Vrlo često je spreman da kada radi važne poslove to radi impulsivno i bez mnogo takta.

Ljubav prema slobodi ga čini simpatičnim ostalima, a naročito zbog toga što oni oslobađanje od stega svakodnevnog monotonog života žele i za ostale.

Optimistična osoba koja se nikada ne predaje, ma kako teško bilo. Usmerava svoje jake emocije u konstruktivna otkrića i živi uzbudljivo. Dobri odnosi sa ženama.

Velikodušna osoba koja ne žali truda da pomogne ljudima kojima je potrebno. Srećan, veseo, uspešan u životu.

Merkur u Raku daje ovim osobama izvanrednu sposobnost pamćenja ljudi i situacija u okruženju. Potrebna mu je ljubaznost i pohvale od drugih, da se ne bi osetio obeshrabrenim za rad. Taktična, diskretna, dobrodušna osoba.

Venera u Raku je znak osobe simpatične zbog svoje miroljubivosti i čistih prijateljskih manira. Voli čistog srca i duše i traži od voljenih osoba da im uzvrate istom merom. Gaji veliku ljubav prema domu i porodicu, posebno prema majci. Može se desiti da se nađe u vezi gde je velika razlika u godinama. Veoma osetljiv, ulaže mnogo ličnih, iskrenih emocija u ljubavne veze i zbog toga je ranjiv. U braku mu je najvažnija sigurnost.

Podznak Strelac, predstavlja osobu širokog srca i duše, druželjubiv. Poseban akcenat stavlja na slobodu koju poseduje. Obožava da bude voljen i sve bi učinio da zadobije poverenje drugih ljudi. Ume ponekad da propusti da vidi šta se nalazi ispod površine tj. kakva je stvarno neka osoba.

Troši veliku količinu energije u kreativnim poslovima i ako je njegov posao uvek koristan i praktičan. Pokazuje veliku strast u intimnim odnosima i obožava aktivnosti kao što su sportovi puni opasnosti i uzbuđenja. Ima veliku želju za eksperimentisanjem u raznim stvarima i ponekad potpuno promeni kurs da bi uradio neku sasvim novu stvar.

Neptun u prvoj kući, ovoj osobi je potrebno određeno vreme da bi razvio svoju individualnost. Prilično je idealistične naravi i to ga čini jakim i požrtvovanim prema voljenim osobama.

Tako horoskop vidi ovu osobu, a ja bih volela bar da vidim njegov blog ako ga ima, jer ga ne prepoznajem po imenu koje je ostavio. Moj propust, izvinjavam se.  🙂

Šesta osoba – mala astrološka igra

Vauuu…koliko vas je, a ja jedna. 🙂 Da ne bih ovaj blog pretvorila u astrološki blog, moraću da udarim tačku. Svi oni koji su do sada poslali svoje podatke dobiće svoje horoskope, ako ne ovako na blogu, onda ću vam poslati na vaše mailove.

Objavljeni do sada su:

Deda, Verka – Džepna Venera, Ivana – Ivanino blago, Bogradoholik, Sopran87 i pravo da vam kažem i meni su se sve stvari izmešale, nemam pojma više ništa. 🙂

Oni koji mogu očekivati svoje horoskope su: Saša Kostić, Lana, Zelena, Borislava, Ivana – Ivanizmi, Ivana – Ivana70, Duda, Bebika, Kokica, valjda nikog nisam preskočila. Od svih ovih objaviću još tri, jer je osam moj srećan broj, mada mi je 13 srećniji, ali što je mnogo, mnogo je. 😉

Šesta osoba

14. februar, jedna lepa vesela Vodlija. Druželjubiva i svaki oblik ljudskog života joj je blizak i prihvatljiv. Osoba koja je kao po nekom pravilu veoma poštena i privržena. Često želi da unese promene u postojeće stanje. Previše ozbiljno shvata sve događaje oko sebe.

Konjukcije, opozicije, kvadrati sa Suncem…Sukob svesnog i nesvesnog dela ličnosti. Treba da nauči da pobegne od prošlosti i da živi u sadašnjosti. Često je nezadovoljna. Ponekad ima fiksne ideje, nemir i bezrazložno tuguje. Nekako ne ume da izloži svoje želje i potrebe. Vrlo često ima čudne romantične želje.

Mesec u Lavu je karakterističan za veoma ponosne osobe. Ima snažnu želju da bude u centru zbivanja. Poseduje izuzetne organizatorske sposobnosti i rođeni je vođa. Omiljena je kod oba pola.

Opet neki konflikt između svesnog i podsvesnog. Mogući sukobi sa užom familijom. Ovo je Mesec u opoziciji sa Suncem, a Mesec u kvadratu sa Neptunom daje nervozu, nemir, pogrešne odluke, razočarenja.

Merkur u Vodoliji ovoj osobi daje sposobnost slobodnog prijema spoljnih pobuda. Obično sve stvari vidi onakvima kakve one tačno i jesu i spremna je da prihvati pojave koje bi svi ostali smatrali avangardnima, neobičnim ili možda čak i pomalo šašavim. Veoma omiljena u društvu. Takođe istina i samo istina je njen glavni moto i zbog toga i zbog njene široke obrazovanosti privlači mnogo prijatelja.

Merkur u konjukciji sa Suncem daje dar govora, vitalnost u mišljenju i pisanoj reči. Veoma mladolika.

Merkur u opoziciji sa Mesecom čini da se ova osoba ponekad oseća nesrećnom i da ima osećaj odbačenosti. I pored velikog broja ljudi oko nje, ima samo nekoliko zaista bliskih odnosa sa ostalima u okolini.

Venera u Jarcu, ova osoba svoje emocije i odnose sa drugima shvata veoma ozbiljno, oprezna je. Mora da bude sigurna u osećanja drugih osoba. Ima jak lični magnetizam i privlačnost, jedinstven stav o životu. Kada sretne pravu osobu, veoma je aktivna i ima snažnu ljubavnu želju. Umetnički nadarena, poseduje stvaralačke sposobnosti.

Podznak Rak, ovo je osoba izrazite emotivnosti, reaguje na ljude i događaje sasvim emotivno, gotovo isključujući racionalnost. Veoma osetljiva na prijatelje i emotivne partnere, sve čini da pokaže brigu za njih i da zaštiti njihova osećanja, ponekad čak zna i da pretera. Kuća i porodica su joj najvažniji na svetu, kad naiđe nevolja želi da se skloni na sigurno mesto.

Ova osoba mnogo bolje poznaje svoj horoskop, nego što joj bilo koji pravi astrolog može reći. Mnogo je volim kao i većina vas, pa vi pogodite ko je u pitanju. 😉

Peta osoba – mala astrološka igra

Evo sada jedne Škorpije rođene 05. novembra. Iz milošte ih zovem Škorpičine, jer su mi i mama i starija ćerka Škorpije, pa se ceo život „borim“ sa njima. 😀 Po karakteru vrlo emotivna osoba sa izrazitim strastima. Nekada drugima njihova snažna želja i upornost izgledaju i kao tvrdoglavost, ali to je u stvari samo ispoljavanje njihove snažne želje da sve urade perfektno. Planeta vladalac Plutom

Po prirodi rođeni u ovom znaku obično su osobe bez predrasuda, slobodnog su duha, vrlo žive mašte i intuicije.

Često su Škorpije u jakim emotivnim vezama i uvek izgledaju jaki i spremni da pomognu svakome ko zatraži njihovu pomoć i podršku. Često tako skrivaju svoju ličnu nesigurnost i tako se štite od traženja pomoći ostalima.

Mesec u Biku označava stalni postojani karakter. Dobrodušni su i simpatični i vrlo često pokazuju svoja prava osećanja. Imaju izuzetnu moć rasuđivanja i stvarima prilaze na karakterističan miran, staložen i studiozan način. Ove osobe karakteriše i nedovoljna motivisanost da uđu u neke poduhvate, potrebna im je podrška nekog drugog da bi se u nešto upustili, ali kada se jednom pokrenu onda se ne zaustavljaju lako. Vole dobru hranu, komfor i sigurnost i predodređeni su za uspešno druženje, ljubav i brak.

Mesec u opoziciji sa Suncem, kod ove osobe su mogući razni sukobi i nezadovoljstva u užoj familiji ili nešto u vezi sa rodnim krajem.

Pomalo sanjar i ponekad i melodramatičan. Talenat za pisanje i umetnost. Želja za dominacijom i kritički se postavlja prama drugima. Može ponekad biti i mrzovoljan i ciničan.

Merkur u Vagi, ovo je osoba koja lako komunicira sa ostalima, jer je zainteresovan za tuđe mišljenje. Poštenje i pravičnost je jako važna za ovu osobu i nastoje da sve u svakoj aktivnosti bude pravilno podeljeno.

Kao po pravilu ova osoba pažljivo osmotri sve aspekte nekog posla pre nego li donese odluku. Ponekad se dvoumi između raznih mogućnosti rešenja i biva paralisan da deluje. Inače mirna, nežna osoba.

Idealistična narav, nepraktičan. Postoje stalno nevolje u odnosima sa ljudima, nepoverenje. Često zbog toga loše raspoložen.

Venera u Strelcu, osoba otvorena, poštena i druželjubiva u ličnim vezama. Religija ili etika mogu biti osnov za sva društvena ponašanja i veze između ljudi, kod ove osobe. Traže bračnog duga koji može sa njima da podeli stroga pravila njihove lične filozofije.

U nedostatku pravog partnera voli da putuje i time zamenjuje emocije. Obožava životinje. Može se desiti da ima daleke ljubavi, možda čak i drugoj zemlji. Prijatelji su im obično praktični ljudi, zdravog duha.

Podznak Blizanac, otvorena ličnost koja lako sklapa prijateljstva bez obzira na njihov status. Pun ideja, stalno leprša od jedne do druge stvari, ali ih slabo završava. Kod ove osobe je stalno prisutna nervoza oko finansijskih i materijalnih problema. Teško može da se smiri na jednom mestu. Nedostaje mu malo strpljenja sa ljudima.

Ima brze pokrete i živo gestikulira kad govori, natprosečno komunikativan. Izgleda mlađi nego što jeste, čak i pod stare dane.

Četvrta osoba – mala astrološka igra

28. juna je rođen ovaj Rak. Rakovi vole sigurnost i najsrećniji su kući sa porodicom i veoma se trude da obezbede mir i zadovoljstvo familiji. Vrlo često se ova porodična atmosfera prenosi na posao i prijatelje. Obazriva, uviđajna osoba i u ljubavnim i u poslovnim odnosima.

Ima prefinjen ukus, voli dobra jela. Ima sreću u igrama. Opasnost od duvana i alkohola. Brzlo shvata nove situacije i dobro se snalazi. Poseduje veliku želju i snagu da izdrži sve nevolje, čak i ako su nadčovečanske. U jednom periodu života može izraziti poseban interes u duhovnim meditacijama ili istočnim religijama i slično.

Mesec u Strelcu označava osobu visokog stepena idealizma i često može biti privučen intelektualnim vrednostima, zbog toga su ove osobe ponekad i članovi nekih filozofskih grupa. Brzo se ljuti, ali i razljuti, brzo hoda, brzo menja mesto. Obožava decu i male životinje. Pravi je učitelj. Spreman da pomogne drugima. Poseduje neobičan dar ubeđivanja.

Često pribegava preteranom konzumiranju hrane, pića ili čak i seksa da bi se osećao dobro. Teži slobodnijem životu. Retko sluša savete drugih. Može biti nestrpljiv i mrzeti da se bavi sitnim problemima ili detaljima nekog posla. U svemu prvo primeti lošu stranu.

Merkur u Raku daje ovim osobama izvanrednu sposobnost pamćenja ljudi i situacija u okruženju. Potrebna mu je ljubaznost i pohvale od drugih, da se ne bi osetio obeshrabrenim za rad. Taktična, diskretna, dobrodušna osoba.

Ume da proceni psihičko stanje ljudi u svojoj okolini, pa može raditi i kao profesionalni psiholog. Voli poeziju, muziku i ima sposobnost da svoje emocije prikaže kao umetnik na sceni.

Poseduje veliku mentalnu energiju koju ne ume pravilno da kanališe. Dobre naravi, ali ponekad ima i veliko nepoverenje u samog sebe, povlačenje, neuspeh u studiranju ili tako nečemu. Potrebno mu je da ima više poverenja u sebe.

Venera u Blizancima daje ovoj osobi promenljivost u ljubavi, siguran brak, ali ova osoba se teško može zadržati sa jednom osobom, mogući su razvodi i drugi brakovi. Često se može desiti da u isto vreme bude u vezi sa više osoba. Šarmanta, duhovita osoba koja privlači širok krug prijatelja. Novac zarađuje od različitih istovremenih poslova.

Podznak Jarac kao i treća osoba, poseduje praktičan duh, vrlo ambiciozan, principijalan, uporan, izuzetno izdržlji i ekonomičan. Poseduje sjajne organizatorske sposobnosti, „gvozdenu volju“ i strogu disciplinovanu narav. Aktivno rešava i najkomplikovanije probleme.

Deluje ozbiljno, strogo i odmereno, čak i kontrolisano tj. suzdržano. Ne zadovoljavaju ga „male stvari“ ili prosek, te sebi i svojoj okolini neprekidno zadaje izuzetno visoke ciljeve, kriterijume i standarde.

Mogla bih sve ove horoskope i detaljnije da uradim, ali ovo su samo neke osnovne stvari, jer želim da ispoštujem sve one koji su pristali da si igramo. Volela bih da čujem šta mislite i ima li istine u svemu ovome, da ne čukaram bezveze? 🙂

Treća osoba – mala astrološka igra

Kod treće osobe sam se najviše iznenadila kada sam videla godište. Bila sam ubeđena po njenom izgledu da je mlađa, to je valjda osobina svih Blizanaca. :mrgreen:

Agilna, aktivna, brzo misli, i radi brzo i odlučno. Ima veliku želju za učenjem, studiranjem i saznavanjem novih stvari. Individualac i uvek teži da bude samostalna. Uvek se bori protiv konzervativnosti. Poseduje veliku ljubav prema životu, voli umetnost i zabavu. Brine o drugima i vrlo je pažljiva.

Mesec u Biku kao i kod druge osobe, ali da još dodam. Uporna je i istrajna, postojana, smirena, voli praktične rezultate i ume da bude jako tvrdoglava. U akciju ne srlja, a stav teško menja. Kada se suoči sa problemom zadržava stabilan stav, ali reaguje sa velikom dubinom emocija i stoički podnosi bol. Ta kontrola emocija može da smeta emocionalnom izražavanju, pa zna često da potiskuje svoja osećanja.

Ova osoba poseduje jak lični magnetizam. Energična je i vitalna. Društveno je vrlo inspirativna za okolinu.

Merkur u znaku Blizanaca daje ovoj osobi veoma jasno, logičko i aktivno razmišljanje. Analitična je i želi proveriti sve na šta naiđe. Vrlo je znetiželjna za sve što je okružuje i često se pokušava koncentrisati na nekoliko ideja istovremeno.

Bilo šta da je predmet njenog interesovanja ona to radi na sebi svojstven, temeljan, koncizan način. Voli putovanja i sve vrste promena. Simpatična, velikodušna, ali često se dešava da bude na distanci i od najbližih prijatelja. Postoji tendencija da se interesuje za okultno.

Disciplinovana, dobro organizovana, sa pametnim odlukama, ima smisao za praktično, voli da uči. Ova osoba ume ponekad da ima i tešku narav, često suprostavljenu drugima u mišljenju. Ponekad ima osećaj usamljenosti, a ume i da bude lenja i nepokretljiva. U fazonu „pustite me na miru“.

Venera u Biku ovoj osobi donosi želju za sigurnošću i stabilnom ljubavnom vezom. Lojalni su prema prijateljima i njihove emocije su jake i veoma dugo traju. Ima izraženu želju za materijalnim komforom i u tome uspeva, uglavnom zahvaljujući svom radu. Voli lepo da izgleda. U odnosima sa ljudima je vrlo precizna, pažljiva i korektna.

Ovo je osoba lepog izgleda, šarmantna, ugodna za društvo i vesele prirode, lako privlači osobe suprotnog pola. Ponekad može pobeći od realnosti.

Podznak Jarac, ozbiljna osoba koja ima jaku unutrašnju snagu i disciplinu. Prilično suzdržana u pogledu stranaca i nepoznatih. Čak i među prijateljima od nje je teško izvući šta zaista misli, pa je mogu smatrati malo čudnom i izolovanom od drugih ljudi. Ona nikada odnose sa drugima ne uzima olako. Ima samo nekoliko jako bliskih prijatelja i sasvim im se može posvetiti.

Svakako bih volela da je upoznam. 🙂

Druga osoba – mala astrološka igra

Druga osoba je neko ko je rođen 07.oktobra, ovo kažem da bi se bar ta osoba prepoznala. 😀 To samo govori, a i naglašavam da je ovo samo igra. Pišem onim redosledom kako su podaci pristizali. Provela sam divan dan na aerodromu, pa sada imam vremena da se zabavim, pa da vidimo šta tu sve ima.

Vaga, planeta vladalac Venera. Ove osobe su tipičan primer timskog igrača, ali ponekad naivno očekuju previše od ostalih. Pokazuje veliku osetljivost prema socijalnim problemima i uopšte prema društvu u celini. Često radi bez razmišljanja poslove koje bi mogli i drugi da završe i zbog toga mora zaštiti sebe od drugih koji bi ponekad hteli da je iskoriste.

Mesec u Biku označava stalni postojani karakter. Dobrodušni su i simpatični i vrlo često pokazuju svoja prava osećanja. Imaju izuzetnu moć rasuđivanja i stvarima prilaze na karakterističan miran, staložen i studiozan način. Ove osobe karakteriše i nedovoljna motivisanost da uđu u neke poduhvate, potrebna im je podrška nekog drugog da bi se u nešto upustili, ali kada se jednom pokrenu onda se ne zaustavljaju lako. Vole dobru hranu, komfor i sigurnost i predodređeni su za uspešno druženje, ljubav i brak.

Mesec u opoziciji sa Venerom je znak osoba koje ponekad mogu da se osećaju odbačeno i nevoljeno bez ikakvog razloga. Često žude za uzbuđenjima.

Merkur u Škorpiji daje ovim osobama izuzetnu oštroumnost. Ovo je osoba koja je vrlo snalažljiva, spremna da stvari i pojave, a ponekad i ljude analiziraju i ispituju da samog dna, bez obzira na moguće posledice.

U životu su ovu osobu pratila mnoga razočarenja, uglavnom od prijatelja, jer se uvek daju do kraja sa nadom da će zauzvrat dobiti isto.

Ova osoba poseduje literarni i govornički talenat, diplomatična osoba, spretnost u rukama, velika mentalna energija i mogućnost koncentracije na samo jednoj stvari, što je izvanredno za učenje i studiranje. Disciplinovana i dobro organizovana osoba sa pametnim odlukama.

Romantična, ne baš sasvim logički orijentisana. Ima jasne ideje, misli i ciljeve i veruje u svoje snage. Veoma ubedljiva u govoru.

Venera u Škorpiji, to su osobe sa mnogo snage i strasti u ljubavi. Snaga privlačenja ovih ljudi je ogromna. To su prave fatalne osobe za mnoga srca, ali ih to i može puno koštati u životu. Troše ogromnu količinu energije i pažnje na najbliže prijatelje i ljubavi. Očekuju mnogo od svojih partnera, jer i oni njima daju mnogo u emotivnom smislu.

Njihova intenzivna strast može dovesti i do opasne ljubomore, naročito ako pomisle da su emotivno izdani.

Venera u opoziciji sa Mesecom sa druge strane daje osećaj nevoljenosti i odbačenosti. Ova osoba često misli da mnogo više daje, nego što dobija, pa to može dovesti do ljubomore. Želi da zadovolji ostale i ima specifično poimanje života i ljubavi što je vodi na viši, duhovni oblik ljubavi.

Podznak Ovan, ambicija i želja za uspehom ovu osobu čine neustrašivim borcem, bez straha da se suprostavi opasnostima. Njena snaga volje i upornost obavezno traže neki izlaz ili zadovoljenje, jer se u suprotnom oseća protraćeno. Stalno se trudi da pronađe neki novi način da sebi ugodi.

Neumorna osoba, stalno u pokretu, spremna da jasno pokaže simpatije i lične unutrašnje emocije drugim ljudima.

Kada pročitam sve ovo, mogu samo reći da nije teško pogoditi o kome se radi. Možda zato što ja znam ko je u pitanju. 🙂 Nema veze. Idemo dalje, a vi probajte.

Prva osoba – mala astrološka igra

Kao i što sam obećala, prva osoba čiji horoskop ćemo da proanaliziramo je prva osoba koja je poslala svoje podatke 😉 . Hmm…da li da vam kažem da li je u pitanju muško ili žensko? Ma neću, pomagaću u komentarima.

Devica, pa još dupla Devica. E sada pisati uopšteno o Devicama nema smisla, jer je pun internet priča o svakom znaku ponaosob, pa koga zanima može da pronađe. Ukratko: Vladajuća planeta ovog znaka je Merkur, promenljiv, zemljani znak. Osobine: temeljitost, težnja ka savršenstvu, kritičnost, analitičnost, uslužnost, smisao za pojedinosti, praktičnost. Analiza postignutih ciljeva, poriv prema preispitivanju postignutog, samokritičnost.

Idemo sada na moje programče, da vidimo šta tu ima. Ovo je osoba koja je perfekcionista, vrlo obazriva i promišljena pre stupanja u bilo kakve odnose sa okolinom. Potrebno im je veoma mnogo da bi zadovoljili svoje probirljive ukuse. Kada nađe pravu osobu za sebe, onda je to za stalno i ponekad znaju da preteraju u privrženosti.

Ove osobe poseduju priličnu dozu bezobzirnosti, koja ih navodi da rade stvari koje im čine zadovoljstvo. Strasti su im sasvim nerazumne, pa usled toga mogu ponekad da budu grubi.

Ovo je osoba koja je gospodar svog tela i duše. To su dobri poznavaoci drugih ljudi, a takođe i sebe samih. Imaju veliku energiju koja se manifestuje u psihičkoj, fizičkoj i seksualnoj sferi.

Mesec u Devici ukazuje na osobe koje na događaje i ljude oko sebe reaguju na donekle stidljiv, rezervisan način. Ove osobe poklanjaju pažnju svakom detalju i u svojim i u tuđim radnjama i rečima. Njihovo ponašanje prema ostalima je često vođeno pojavnim izgledom i urednošću. Imaju izuzetne mentalne sposobnosti. Dobru memoriju i lako i brzo uče. Vole da putuju.

Dakle ovo je praktična i istrajna osoba. Životu pristupa s jasno definisanim ciljevima. Neprestano su u pokretu za idealnim. Svaki posao koji rade mora biti doveden do savršenstva, jer ne prihvataju ni najsitnije greške.

Mesec u trouglu sa Saturnom daje strog filozofski orijentisan karakter. Imaju unutrašnji mir i volju da vrlo naporno rade. Skloni su nauci i umetnosti, pomalo su rezervisani i zatvoreni.

Merkur u Vagi pokazuje na osobe koje lako komuniciraju sa ostalima, jer je njihova zainteresovanost za tuđe mišljenje velika. Poštenje i pravičnost je veoma važna za ove ljude i oni nastoje da u svakoj aktivnosti sa drugima sve bude pravilno podeljeno. Po pravilu ove osobe pažljivo osmotre sve aspekte nekog posla pre nego li donesu odluku.

Ponekad se dvoume između raznih mogućnosti rešenja i bivaju paralisani da deluju. Sposobni su da napreduju učenjem i veoma su dobri kao socijalni radnici.

E sad da ne pišem ko, šta, sa kim, kako…mislim sekstile, konjukcije, kvadrate…Ova osoba voli muziku, voli da peva, filozofski nastrojena, dobro obrazovana, dobar govornik i kao takva odličan predavač ili možda advokat. Ima uspeha u studiranju.

Venera u Lavu, po prirodi to je jedan romantik koji uživa u izazovu da stalno upoznaje nove ljude. Slobodouman, impulsivan i privlačan za suprotni pol. To je neko ko uživa u jelu, piću i seksu. Želi da se dopadne drugim ljudima, ali ipak samo onima koji ispunjavaju neke njegove kriterijume. Po prirodi su dobrodušni prema svima koje sretnu, ali ostaju privrženi samo onima koje stvarno vole i naravno, pre svega svojoj porodici. Njihova ljubav prema voljenim osobama je neposredna i otvorena i traje dugo.

Imaju strasna osećanja i izražavaju ih na kitnjast način. Ljubav je suštinski deo njihove prirode i teže da se iskažu i potvrde kroz ljubav. Lako pridobijaju i osvajaju okolinu. Kod njih postoji tendencija zaljubljivanja na prvi pogled.

Vole da se ljube i lako osete požudu. Ne skrivaju svoje draži, komunikativni su i vole da flertuju. U ljubavnoj vezi se slobodno ponašaju, ali uspevaju da održe vezu i brak. U brak ulaze iz ljubavi i to često u mlađim godinama. Plodni su i vole decu.

Opet sada kvadrati, sekstili, trouglovi…druželjubiva, diplomatična osoba. Voli život, dobar organizator, optimistična vesela osoba, ima smisla za ekonomske operacije.

Podznak Devica, senzibilna osoba koja želi da pomogne drugima, ali ne toliko zbog toga što misle da će im to stvarno pomoći već iz razloga njihovog poimanja pravičnosti. Stvari najradije rade samostalno, gotovo nikad ne traže pomoć, jer sebi mnogo više veruju nego ostalima. Žele da u životu ostanu iznad nevažnih stvari, a iz problema uglavnom izlaze nepovređeni.

Svoj intimni život tretiraju veoma ozbiljno i traže hobije i lična zadovoljstva koja se uklapaju u tradicionalnu društvenu sliku i nikako ne idu protiv aktuelnog strujanja u društvu.

Kod ove osobe postoji tendencija da previše koristi ono što sama misli, pa čak i ako zna da je to pogrešno.

Pravi entuzijasta u životu, pun inovacije i želje za uspehom. Priroda im je inicijativna i često inspirišu ostale da postignu i ono što smatraju nemogućim. Individualac koji se često izdvaja od većine. Nikada ne okleva kada je potrebno podići glas da bi odbranio svoje ideje, čak i agresivno ako je potrebno.

Svaki natalni horoskop je priča za sebe, kao i svaki čovek uostalom. Ovo su samo osnovne crte ove ličnosti. Nisam baš sigurna da ćete je prepoznati, ali u svakom slučaju to je neko koga znate. 😉 Ta osoba će se svakako javiti, a ja se nadam da je ovaj moj horoskop bar delimično nešto pogodio.

Astrologija na moj način – igrajmo se malo

Pričala sam vam o mom iskustvu sa horoskopima, pa mi pade na pamet da bismo mogli malo da se poigramo. Ima puno onih koji se mnogo bolje razumeju od mene, koji su stručniji i koji su završavali škole i kurseve astrologoje, ali mi ćemo samo da se igramo sa malim programčićem koji imam i dalje.

Ako hoćete da se igrate, pošaljite na datum, mesto i tačno vreme rođenja, ja onda učukaram to u programče, preradim, obradim, oduzmem, dodam, sastavim i napišem post. Ne kažem o kome se radi, već ostali treba da pogode ko je u pitanju.

Nije bitno da li verujete u astrologiju, ako ništa drugo saznaćete koji ste podznak ako niste saznali do sada. 😀 Igrajmo se malo. Čekam vaše podatke.